Central Power Plant (Update 1/25/06)

Here are some images of a low ploy power plant. I am planning on creating a complex scene of low poly objects. I like the fact that I can model and texture a low poly model in hours instead of days (weeks). It may not hold up when up close, but I am planning on placing the camera some distance away.




Is it 176 verts? -That is amazingly low for that kind of quality, bravo!

Thanks, StrikerMunc! :smiley: It is 274 verts exactly. Here is a close up.


To me it hold up pretty well :wink: :wink: , Great work :smiley: :smiley:

Really great. I’am working on a renaissance city square now, but I haven’t achieved so spectacular results. Could you tell what lights you have used?

The key to making good low poly buildings is the textures and you nailed them on this project. The model is simple and the texture are appropriate. Add some shadows (raytracing for a more realistic look but thats for later in your project I suppose). I havnt tried this yet but maybe make a texture to change the reflectivity of the windows so we you have the reflections in that area too.

Thanks, mfoxdogg! :smiley:

Thanks, Lukasz! :smiley: The light set up is fairly simple. I have one sun lamp set to a mild yellow/white color with an energy level of 1.0. Then I have 8 standard lamps in a circle around the model all set to a mild blue color with an energy level of 0.3 each. Have only the sun lamp cast shadows.

Thanks, Slèpnyrl! :smiley: You are correct and I have spent more time creating textures than using blender.

I have been using a vector based program to create a gray scale bump map based on the uv layout. I like to start with vectors so I do not have to worry about final image resolution. I export the bump map as a high res (4096x4096) image. Using the bump map as a guide in phototshop, I select and fill in the brick, concrete, and metal in the appropriate areas saving the image as a color map. I use the bump map as a guide to create alpha and reflection maps as well. I make reduced copies of all maps for use in blender.

Yes, the windows are reflecting the evironment and have a slight alpha to them. Right now there is little to reflect but a blue sky and a gray ground plane. The windows will look better with an improved environment.

Now the building is in an environment. Time to add the details. C&C welcome.


I don’t understand why the grass gets greener as you get closer to the parking lot. One would think it would get less healthy as you approached a big 'ol factory.

Also, the tracks seem to have some sharp turns you may want to look at.

Other than that, looks awesome!

I did not think about it that way. I would think the business would take better care of the grass in the more public areas (along the roads, parking lot, and building entrance). The grass on the backside would not fare well. I will change the grass along the back.

You are right about the tracks. I will work on that too. Thanks for the c&c.

I think it’s not really which way the grass dies, but the fact that it does that so drastically. In only like 20 feet, it goes from well kept grass to dead savanna grass.
I looked at the picture after your post, and I can really see where you are coming from. Maybe try to make it less dramatic, so the eye falls on the wonder of the factory. :stuck_out_tongue:

Either way, good luck!


StrikerMunc, I understand what you are saying. I have tweaked the grass and the tracks. The grass pattern is busy, but I want to avoid the tiled grass look. Maybe I should tone down the contrast. I am planning on adding additonal structures to the scene that should help break it up.