Centre College used Blender for animation

I found this article on Google news. Apparently Centre College in Kentucky used Blender to create an animation featuring info on their school. They used Ludwig in their animation.


The animation is a bit rough, but it’s cool that they chose Blender to create it.

Well that’s certainly the massive understatement of the century.

hey, its college sophmores, ok? you know they procrastinated until the last day, stayed up all night drinking beer, and around 2 am one of them got unsober enough to actually make it past the splash screen by moving the mouse accidently as he put down his stein. And THEN the four of them, well, actually three because the fourth really spent the rest of evening puking his guts out in the bathroom, spent 2 am to 4am making poor Ludwig perform lewd acts upon his person while they all laughed so hard that the third person had to drop out because HE started puking his guts out, and around 6 am the second person just kinda fell off his chair sideways, spilling his beer over the power outlet and shorting out the whole damn apartment, and SOOOOOO, this first person, who shall remain nameless and who only had six beers the whole night was actually kinda sober by now so SHE trucked her little booty over to the library and used their computer to do the whole thing for the “team” project grade by the time class started at 10:45.
So cut the girl some slack, would ya?

You can tell they were all taught lip-synching the same way. What’s with that keyframing??

Otherwise, some of them were pretty good. It shows a good bell curve of skills - most average, a small number could really use some work, and a small number showed great promise!