Centre view on mouse pick

This script adds a new operator that you can bind to a hotkey, and it does the following:
When you press the hotkey assigned to it, it centres the 3D view on the mesh location that your mouse cursor is hovering over.



The operator that this script adds is view3d.center_on_mouse.
After installing the script like a 3rd party addon, you can go to User Preferences, Input tab and then add a hotkey that calls that operator.

If you add it to an input category like 3D View -> 3D View (Global) it can be used while sculpting. Maybe there’s already a script like this?

This feature exist already with Alt + F, I mean, no? LINK


bl_info = {
‘name’: ‘Quick Boolean’,
‘author’: ‘chromoly’,
‘version’: (1, 0),
‘blender’: (2, 77, 0),
‘location’: ‘’,
‘description’: ‘’,
‘warning’: ‘’,
‘wiki_url’: ‘’,
‘category’: ‘Mesh’,

Ah, that’s awesome! Thank you for pointing it out, I didn’t know of it.

By default ALT + F is assigned to “Faces -> Fill” in Edit mode, so if you want the built-in centre picking to work there as well you should either change the shortcut assigned to Fill or to that “bpy.ops.view3d.view_center_pick” function.
When you have a unique shortcut to that centre picking function then it works in all modes.

The built-in way is written in C++, so it should be faster and more accurate than any scripted way.

Yes, I agree, I must change the shortcut but I don’t use it often…
Chromoly is a very good japanese coder, I will tell him too.

Let’s try his several amazing add-ons…

I was about to mention the same, alt f and shift b is the same but you select an area