Centrifugal force

Does the blender physics engine calculate centrifugal force?

For example, if I biking game where the player is taking a sharp turn, centrifugal force should cause the player to speed up.

Does blender do this? (Or any tips on how to program it in Python?)



bummer. Any ideas on how to do it in Python?


strange physics you have there.

are you sure ?


Yeah, those physics are correct. Its like riding a manual pallet jack. :smiley: But I dont think that it is something you would want built into the physics. The more the engine has to do itself the more problems you will encounter. I would just develop a script to speed up the rider when turning.

you don’t speed up

and cintrifugal force doesn’t exist, what you feel is inertia

see, to turn you have to change direction. you accelerate [sideways] by being pushed on by the road, but this doesn’t really make you go any faster

Like I said. You propel with sideways force because of the force like riding a pallet jack. If you stand on a pallet jack and turn the handle side to side (turning the wheel back and forth) you propel yourself forwards. Its just like holding a bike by its seat and steering it back and forth by leaning it back and forth. This also propels the bike forward. But its such a small force that IF you wanted it in your game (for perfect realism) you would put it in with a script or something. Not to count on the physics engine which is already flawed (and by flawed I mean not nature).

yeah riding pallet trucks is great fun unless the manager catches you and gives you the h&s crap

:smiley: Now thats hilarious. My managers would have races with me! :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for your help. I’ll add a little speed when turning.

Or I might ask my Calculus teacher for help.

Thanks again! I’m a newbie at this.


I thought centrifical force was when say a person was spinning with an object in his hand, and he suddenly let go of that object and it would go in a straight line…


No. The object is already going in a straight line unless acted upon by an external force. “Centrifugal Force” is how people desribe the force that “throws” the object out. In reality, centrifugal force doesn’t exist. There is a centripetal force that acts to change the objects path from a straight line to a curve.

…and no, there is no force that speeds up objects that are turning. The pallet jack example uses a force called friction to move it.

I would ask your physics teacher for help.