Century Of War (RPG)-Need Texture Artist -

Hello Guys these last days i been working on a small RPG like Game.

Im making this For fun and to learn more about blender game engine,hoping it goes pretty far :wink:

Project Name: Century Of War

-Modelers-- (Main: QB -
(BlahBlah86) Alternate:(john_tgh : Modeler/Python Bigginer)(ludemi84 /Modeler)
-Programmers – (Main: ) (Alternative Programmer:Linkxgl,retro world )
-Animator – (Adecent anymator :wink: )
-Concept Artist-- (
Aitor )
-Texture Artist–
-Map artists-- (

Map Idea:

The Game will take place Somewere like the Farao Islands, A really mystical place to Explore, Fight, and Survive and More!

+Islands being modeled at the moment by Team member John_tgh (Screenshots coming soon)

Video Of The Faroe Islands:


In Development By : Kintanish

For Now:Stick Mesh :smiley: Until we get a modeler :wink:
-Orcs-Model Done
-Humans(When we get a decent modeler )
-Vampires(When we get a decent modeler ) Concept Art in progress
-MysticWizrad(When we get a decent modeler ) Concept Art in progress
-Giants-(When we get a decent modeler ) Concept Art in progress

-Game Improvements progress:
+New Spell:Fireball
+Now Destructible Items
+New Weapon:Klade
+Torch With Animated Fire
+Inventory Logic Decreased For less lag
+Improvement:New Armor-(DragonHelmet)
+Improvement :some logics converted into python scripts

Note:I will use this Thread to Show the progress of the game as we advance,If u are gonna leave a comment talking crap about the project or w/e please dont waste your time or mines ;),

+I will not abandon this project even if im the only one working on it

Contact me : [email protected] or Menssage me :cool:


Good that you already have a basic setup. Concepts drawings look good. I won’t join your team, but I’ll keep an eye on the process. Good you improved your skills, shotforce :smiley:

Thanks, :wink: Most the stuff i learned it was from you hehe thanks for your help and answers to my Threads hehehehe :smiley:

You should invent a original new race, that never appeared in most rpg’s. Vampires maybe?

Thats actually a very nice 1 ,I guess im gonna tell the Concept Artists to Start the Vampire :stuck_out_tongue: ill post it up soon then, xP

You know, they have vampires in the game sacred (sort of diablo clone) too and they can spawn wolves, bats and other evil creatures. At night, they have more power. You should create both male and female vampires.

Awsome Awsome, I guess all this will get done soon when i get a modeler :wink:

Hmm… looks interesting. I have a year off, so I could definitely help :smiley: Although modeling is my main “profession” I will be trying to learn python during this time :smiley: Count me in :slight_smile:

Btw I don’t really know what you’re going for here, but a game with very little UI (or None) would be sweet :smiley:

EDIT: Yey! I joined the team :slight_smile: here is some concept art :smiley:

Also I wholeheartedly admit that some of my concepts are over-influenced by other concepts/movies/games… Sorry :confused:


+Small improvement Theres Now Destructible items :wink:


wow. coming along nicesly. If you get a could programmer I would recommend at least trying to put it online. This would be awesome to play online. Would possibly join, but am busy with my own gameproject.

Hey, I’m a programmer (kind of), and if you need something, just PM and I’ll do it for you! Although I won’t be working on this full time, I have my own project, but on my spare time, I’ll try to make a script that request.


Allright Linkxgl Added to team, and yes i hope when we get the game kinda better ill see if i can find someone thats is good enough to see if it can go online… but i guess… its very hard for that to happend… from what i heard… , i hope it can get done anyways :wink:


Shotforce just learned that it’s not a good idea to create a online game with BGE and you’re trying to ruin it…sigh…:no:

Shotforce, I got an awesome idea for another new race: giants! I’ve never seen this race playable in any RPG. I’m busy creating a very high-poly model of a giant (sculpting practice). You can have the low poly version when I’m finished and I’ll create some normal maps for you. :smiley:

Lol true, xP

+About the giant… awsome, very awsome thanks :wink: i guess ill use them as another race :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile: thanks doggie :wink:

+Improvement- New Spell :Fireball
+Improvement-New Weapon:Klade


Okey About the Orc model, i Guess thats all we can do for now,sence we dont got an expert modeler if theres anything u guys think it should be changed on the Orc Model ,Please say it ;),If someone thinks he can do better than the models we are making and will like to join the team u are welcome :wink:

+And yes i know the hands are very small, i just forgot to scale them for the screenshot :stuck_out_tongue:

Note:We need a Texture Artist to texture our Models, PM or add to me MSN: [email protected]

hey there nice game.
am good at python and i like this project
i would be happy to help you with the programming bit :smiley:
I can also do modelling and abit of animating too :smiley:

thank you

retro world

Goodie, I love destructable items, your work looks like a good start, but do note you may need higher quality textures and perhaps proper intergration of terrain features into the terrain mesh.

True, but at the moment I think we’ll care less about texture quality, so that a working demo can be released sooner. But for now, I will rest my eyes.

You ever heard of a race called the Aven? I’ll look for some links later, but they are basically bird men with arms as well as wings. For a bit of backround, they mostly eat fish, and their prefered weapons of war are actually the spears they use for catching fish.

I think the whole idea of playing with new races is cool, but how bout you come up with something completely new, like a mix of elf and orc, or a type of frogman that can swim.

Centaurs are also pretty cool, but that’s just me :slight_smile: