Cephis Project: Mad Princess

Hey all.

To start off, Blender on all versions is great. However, I’m stuck at times on the correct way to use it, with that said I have a lot questions/problems with materials. So since I can’t figure them out, I thought perhaps all shaders that even I got may be correct in some rare way!?

I have advances over this character and my intention is to finish it off and to build other similar characters, but heck I discover how weak in materials I am. Doesn’t matter how many times I try to just get confused and frustrated. Recently I enjoy the mapping and painting processes, I have lot of references about materials and textures but instead I can’t tweak them properly for my own needs.

Edit (June 2th, 2013):
‘the mad princess’

playing with layers on an image editor to get a better shading

Render with skin shaders. BI 2.5. Render time is about 4 minutes

Cycles, about 4 minutes

Hey there, your model is coming along nicely. She has a certain style that looks like you’ve exaggerated some of the features, like the nose and overall plump body shape.

The first thing that came to my mind was that she doesn’t look very lonely. To me she looks like she is smiling and happy, cheerful and go lucky looking. But perhaps the lonely will come after a facial rig or something.

Anyways, keep up the good work!!!

Blend on, and blend well!!!

Thanks Bapsis!

I’ll try my very best to improve her features, something is difficulting refinements on this character.

In the beggining Amoos model (based on a real person) wasnt easy to build, I was “fooling around” without such a good reference, one rather low def photo, and I had to ‘invent’ the remaining angles of her.

So much time has passed around practising human head shaping since I was a kid… I met her one day and inevitably she hit my mind hard, somehow I just wanted translate my memories of her on a piece of paper, clay and recently a 3d program.

Amoo is my hardest challenge. I know she is somehow different apart of classical aesthetic canon but i think she fits on some features very well. Some people think she isn’t beauty but ugly…ok i just don’t care but perhaps there are some who think she is beautiful but heck, really she’s not ugly, she got and she must got rare features but she shall be gorgeous with those features, so i’m working very hard to get those features inside of aesthetics.

Left Amoo v20 edited from (Olivia Wilde) ‘W Violet’ (built and based on loads of reference photos)…I’m struggling to follow some common features by comparing the models. Finally i got a decent model to compare some features in more detail

Reference angles I got for her (99% acurate), needs some refinements but all face features are almost determined. Some outlines extracted from this and other references may help to build better and more exact facial features, a method I’ve used for some time but I think is worth to show off in one tutorial.

To be in touch with realistic head shaping, i compare this model with other models to realize what things can be wrong…but I know there’s something i’m missing.


For me, building a character is very difficult, most of time is used for render tests. I’ve considered that quality renders aren’t fitting well into my projects, so i’m considering low quality renders as well. I’m still learning about nodes, materials, shaders, compositing and recently i considering some ‘after effects’ learning.

I have a story for my princess, Contrary to Chipmasque aims(whose owns very fantastic threads) my beloved princess can use a variety of clothes to enhance her charming beauty (following the example of some frech artists specialized on medieval femme fatales), also as a propaganda used extensively by movies.

Armor being used by Amoo in horde battles

Completed armor but unusual because it doesn’t show the face that is supposed to be recognizable at distance.

Another constraint is that Amoo has to resemble a little with her sister Moora

Just out of curiosity, how did you find Cycles to use? Easy enough? The main thing (in my opinion) holding it back for character work/experiments at the moment is support for particle hair, but you are using hair made with polygons anyway.

If you haven’t seen it yet, http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?216866 is full of info and tests as well as the main thread in the news section. I’ve done some character related tests in there towards the last few pages, as have a few other artists.


Yeah cycles is awesome but some grany!, But polygon hair has strange issues about uv textures (or just my imagination), also the undesired bumpiness in skin. In general is pretty intuitive building nodes.

Yes, I’ve been snooping around that cycles thread, you are struggling with bumpiness and particle hair. wonder that it would be good if cycles and BI could do some sync, if only cycles render could transcript automaticly all BI materials.

Time for an update.

Don’t want to say nothing in vain but i think finally i got a nice result, i’ve found a huge amount of subtle details in feminine features…very soon i’ll explain them.

I’m back!

Aw! after a poor performance of an almost forgotten solid modeling, think it is necessary to build more solid models ‘boring for me’ -it’s not true, all modeling is very cool-, some models i’ve downloaded from the 1st blendswap contest are incredible!. Hope learn more from them!.

Fixes over this princess, i gonna build a written tutorial about male and female features and their construction…

Many corrections over my favorite model, but it doesn’t please me. The eyes lack some realistic look…so I propose practicing more the eyes…ha!, noooo i propose elaborate a human eye library with a broad varieties of shapes and looks, meshes so simple and standardized so anyone could easily attach those meshes to a face…yep!

This picture was a reference for build the real form of Amoo Jaw.

I want to say that the most difficult face feature that one may build is the eyes, although is the first feature you need build first on face.

Eyelid Project

Hey all, I started to work over the eye area, the most difficult feature over the face. The idea is to get savvy of the eyelid anatomy and the tissues that surround the eye area.

So started with some intuition, i built simple eyelids over an eye shape using retopo tools. Eyelid meshes are very simple but they have solidify modifier with offset set to 1 (above their normals), but then I built more bodies surrounding the eye, some tissues of fat and junction.

The I edited the file to some more simple but referenced to eye cavity

So I learned that the upper eyelid hasn’t fat below it, but the lower eyelid has. The construction of upper eyelid is more simple.

The idea is to build (if possible) a broad variety of eyelid shapes, -not to mention the unknown variety of eye shapes-. Similar to a generic male or female but this time only the eye surrounding area. Perhaps if I share the original file someone can help me to construct a different but realistic shape and accumulate several shapes into one library…

Also this file is as important as the same female and male basemeshes with the advantage of customized shapes.

The first file that is useful to sense what objects shape the eyelids
EyeArea.blend (700 KB)

Switching back to this thread…Seems I did solve some major issues over the main character. These the last renders

The lonely princess

Her evil sister

EDIT: Recently I’ve found some subtle features over eyelid that I didn’t understand at all, now it’s clear for me. Later i will post some tweaks over this area

Hi it’s been a while

Now i’m focused over Moora’s clothes, so started building some armor suit but somehow doesn’t like me, it’s way off from aesthetic thought.

@sesinho thanks but i swear i want achieve more the realistic (perhaps a bit stylized). I like to get inspired (i’m always copying from the things i enjoy). I’ve used many realistic references, all my models are based on real people.

Oh i forgot to describe this character, ok she is evil, she lives in a time considered as medieval, with no men who can fight, so now she and Amoo fight to protect her tribe.


I hope this helps, not a native english so i would need 1 hour to write an explanation :smiley:

@sesinho Ok, I see, but the model is correct.

More images

EDIT: Maybe the models are too realistic, i’d wanna try one morph, perhaps this one

I hear that, Brother. Of all the components involved in modeling a biped/human, the head is the most labor-intensive. And within THAT category, the *##@! eye lid/socket is even MORE labor-intensive!!

rawk on.

In some pictures rendered it looks amazing, and in others look off, the camera sucks totally.She looks like a woman on her 40s, quite hot.
I still think that a couple of very subtle tweaks in nose and forehead would help.Maybe because i have a very prominent forehead lol.
Anyways it is still amazing rendered, no problems there.I used some things of your model to tweak mine

Thanks for your kind comments folks

I’m still struggling with female models and by creating nasty shiny materials, what craziness am i doing?.

Blender can’t store safely shape keys (in my case, sensitive morphs), i’ve spent some time to fix all my messed morphs, this is unfair and totally sucks.

ok some images

Don’t like a heavily armored character so I seriously need to get more simplicity.

Hi, now starting to improving Amoo’s armor, also her face (considering that there aren’t enough references of her, so almost all the time I did invent most of her features)

Ah! btw here some work i’ve done with her features (original artwork-3d model)