Ceramics to 3d animation

Hello World!

I started learning Blender a short while ago. My objective is to animate my physical pieces - I create ceramics, street art, installations and more.

I wanted to share with you all a little bit about this process! I’ve been having so much fun learning to make this. I call this series “Little Martians”

These are photos from an original ceramic of mine.

Here is how they’re looking with motion capture animation (I’ve been using Face Cap app on iphone)
Animated Martian!

You can see the process video and more images on my website.

I’m going to create ceramic/plant based temples and scenarios for them as well! I also started with Instagram filters. My plan is to create an animated series in which these futuristic humanoids debate human archeology and present little simulations (short stories made with AI) that are theories of what humans were or what happened to them.

Hope to share the process as it evolves!!!
I’d love to listen to feedback! So much to learn!

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