Cerberus Dog To be in a film

I have been modelling this character who will eventually take a big place in a film - what do you think:

a teaser of the character is in this animation:

Here is an image of his paw (if you care :slight_smile:

how comes we get more and more blenderheads and less and less replies to topics? That’s weird!

Well, your dog could definitely use some more bump mapping. If you’ve already turned it up to 5, then just remember you can crank it even further by typing a number in manually.
You also need to chamfer/bevel your edges. Especially 90 degree angles mustn’t exist unless you really really need to save vertices. Right now it looks like a unity game model. Did you use a texture on your minigun yet? It looks kinda too clean and smooth.
You might also want to play some with you lighting rig as that can make your model look twice as good as it really is :wink:

Furthermore you could add a spherical ramp and maybe some distorted noise textures to your glowing material’s emit channel. It needs a more whitish core in the middle and a more greenish color where it gets close to your metal.

If you’re aiming at a more supernatural style you might even consider slightly changing the specular color (via texture)

Hope that helped :slight_smile: