Ah it feels so good to actually be working on a model now, instead of just some small random thing.
Started this last night, worked on it for about 45 minutes, now I’m at it again. Probably about a total of 1:30 work so far. Havn’t added to much detail yet, but I’ll get to that.
C&C welcome and appreciated :smiley:


oh oh oh… I like greek mytholgy :smiley: lookin’ good so far.

Thanks for the comment Aner :slight_smile:
Got a slight update. Having some problems with the head, just going really slow. But I’m making progress :smiley:

Sorry about the double post, just thought I’d go ahead and pimp another update on it.

You pretty fast for the result. i would expect more oike at least a deay to do such model, anyway.
could we see a wire? :slight_smile:

Thanks :smiley: Ya I tend to work pretty fast :smiley: Anyways here’s a wire and yet another update :smiley:

Looking great! I can’t wait to see it textured.

a better snapshot of the wire would be to do a render view in editmode and solid view with subsurf optimal on. for now your wire don’t show me much.

Very nice, yes hope to see it textured.

Cool model :slight_smile:

Now, the textures…


Modelled nicely indeed.

You could model in some more details, like some facial wrinkles and stuff with some loop cuts before you texture though.


wow, i’m loving it.

going on well! can’t wait to see it textured and in action.

Its looking very nice, very detailed work. However there is one little thing, the two outer toes on a real dog are half the length of the two inner toes. I got 3 mean looking dogs of my own so I kind of noticed that straight off.

Apart from that is your modeling and observational skills are first rate. :slight_smile:

Wow so many replies! Thanks for all the comments people :smiley:

@TpC_Jack: Thanks, don’t know if I’ll be texturing it or not. I’m not very capable when it comes to making skins. So we’ll just have to see.

@Gabio: Check below :smiley:

@Kansas_15: Thanks

@S68: Thanks dude :smiley:

@BgDM: Thanks, I still plan on adding alot more muscle detail, teeth, and probably some wrinkles as well. Just have to see how it all turns out :slight_smile:

@bullx: Thanks :smiley:

@@ner: Me ether :smiley: Don’t know if I’ll ever get to animating it. I absolutely despise rigging :frowning: I really need to learn more about constraints, all I know how to do is a basic rig. And those new Envelope tools in developement would make things so much easier :smiley:

@ozo: Thanks for pointing that out, I’m not very educated in dog anatomy, even though I have 4 dogs :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks again people! I’ll try and get an update out within the next day or so :slight_smile:

New wireframe:

Sorry about another double post :slight_smile: But here’s another update.

Ok doing more work on the neck area.

Mr_bomb the definition is supercilious. Especially the muscle definition is excellent. He looks like a real dangerous fighting dog now, ready for the jugular. I can’t help but think he looks exactly like my Staffy.

The spread of the toes is exactly like a Staffy. The spread on my other dogs which are working dogs, a cattledog and a Kelpy, is actually smaller. Especially on the front toes. Which leads me to suspect that you must have a Staffy too. :smiley:

Although, don’t forget to make his small thumbs, located half way up, between the tip of the toes and first joint.

I think now with all your incredible work, the finished product will be Fantastic.

Wow thanks for the very kind reply! It’s people like you that really inspire me to keep working on this.
I think I might experiment with some static particle hair, for one it’d save me from having to do to much skinnning :wink: Since the most complex skin I’m able to make is a single solid color :stuck_out_tongue: But I think aside from that it’s done!
Though I would like to add in the small thumb, except that so far I have been unable to find a good pic of it. But I’ll see what I can do.
Preview render
Full render

Thanks again for all the kind replies!

looks great man. i may have a dog texture somewhere,…i’ll take a look.