After many wip shots. It’s finally done :smiley: Total of about 16-20 hours of work, spanned over 4 days.


P.S. It may be skinned at some point in time, but not for a while yet.

wonderful model, but the lighting hurts your overall work. i would post lots more angles, with brighter lighting.

again the model is great, and i hope you will take the time to texture him.
nice job!

Amazing model!
Congratulations :wink:

Very nice… the legs and body look perfect

excellent modeling.

Love the modelling.

Awesome modeling, nice realisme on modeling. Now when comes the shader part :slight_smile:

Keep going making such works. :smiley:

The model is very well done indeed.

I have to agree with Wu about the lighting comment though. A better light set up would make this stand out more and be a better looking model.


The modeling is very good, the lighting needs to be more display-like

Wow thanks guys :smiley: I’ll work on the lighting soon as blender finishes exporting the highpoly mesh for use in Orb, taking awhile :frowning:
Thanks again for the comments.

MrBomb I was unable to locate the dog hair texture that I thought I had, and I couldn’t remember where i originally got it either, but if you can find a good sample I’ll see if I can tile it for you.

No problem Modron, my partner is gonna try skinning it anyway.

Ok here’s one with a bit better lighting. Any better?

A little better. Could still stand some improvement though.

Maybe you could PM me the blend file and I can show you a nice light setup to try?


K I’ve emailed you the blend file :slight_smile: Do you by chance use msn or aim?

Sorry, ni I don’t. My kids kept on crapping out my home comp with that damned thing, so I banned it.

But if you emailed it, I’ll get it in the morning at work. Will have it back to you in no time. :wink:


K awesome :smiley:

OK, here is a new render with my lighting setup. I emailed you back the blend file so you can see what I did.