Cereal bowl!

i did this ages ago didnt manage to get it posted.


tell me what ya think!

Thats pretty good, i love the milk as it hits the surface, great work. Only suggestion is that the “cherrios” could be a little smaller and fatter, those are some pretty massive rings you got there!!! :wink:
Other than that, brilliant pic!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

Approching photoreal. Nice work. I think if you lower your Ref value for the bowl material and the cereal material, you may find it gets even closer to photoreal.

The cereal appears to be floating above the milk a bit, the wood table needs a bump map for better definition, and thin the spoon should be smooth. Maybe add an an env map with a low Col setting to the spoon.

I think your lighting is dead on, and again it is close to photoreal.

Hehe gives me an idea… Remodel the “cherios” into blender logos, instant “blenderOs”

BlenderOs? That sounds interesting.

Yeah, BlenderO’s… Could model the cereal box next to it with a fancy logo, then the cereal and all… Hmmm… maybe I should do it… Would be an interesting project anyway