Ceres Orbiter space flight sim

This little guy has been sitting here on my hard drive for a while now.
I’ve long wanted to make a game like Orbiter but with a more sci-fi flavor to it. After cracking the secret of faking newtonian physics in blender, that dream has, sort of, been realized!

In celebration of NASA’s Dawn mission recently arriving around Ceres…

ceresorbiterV1.blend (1.47 MB)

There is a README text in the blend file. I highly recommend reading it before trying to play the game. Those who are not familiar with Orbiter may be in for a learning curve. Sorry about that…

The planet has a subsurface modifier on it which has not been applied. For reasons beyond my comprehension, it seems to work just fine like this for me, but if you have problems running the game you might want to try applying that modifier.

Also, the shadow resolution on the sun lamp is set to ‘fugly’ resolution for compatibility. You might want to crank that up if you can handle it.

A couple screenshots, mostly showing the 3D cockpit and different readouts on your little computer screens.

The one thing this is really missing is other craft/objects orbiting the planet. For now, it’s just you and you’re only friend; Compassion Crate. Don’t let Compassion Crate crash into Ceres! hehe…

If the ambition finds me, I will add more to this. There is plenty that could be added. Play. Have fun. Leave your comments. And thank you!