Ceres, Vesta, NASA, Mars, Jupiter and far far away shit

No, I only listened to two ArtBell programs. One is the time travelers, the whole thing is in youtube and the woman and the young girl left me impressed.
You don’t understand time travelers and what they say if you don’t understand timelines by the way, and that is not said in the program.

Alex Jones I think is more for the money that really desiring a Humanity change.

About the homeless: every person on this planet is exactly the same as any other. To have all the same resources and all of us caring for the planet is the goal to achieve in the coming years as I see it. Homeless people can be solved if you stop all the resources wasted in wars. Wars are just taking your resources and throwing them with big strength to kill people. It is of course planned to enrich the 1%

Yes. of course I care for the homeless, it was a joke.:spin: I’ve listened to Art Bell to, and he always has on people who were successful years ago, but are now losers, and all of the sudden they have a book to pedal or something to sell, or they’re just bat shit crazy!

Oh and I understand time travelers just fine, without knowing about the timeline! Thanks!

In the time/space continuum, perhaps Captain Kirk or Picard can be counted on to set things right. Oh wait - the sequels. Never mind I don’t want spoilers.

ESA also just doesn’t like the Moon in color.
Rosetta photo of Earth (in color):

Rosetta photo of the Moon, in greyscale, like NASA does ESA does: (colorpick and the three RGB channels have the same value in all the image)

So I am wondering again: Why they continue with the stupidity of always Moon converted to greyscale?

Earth by Rosetta looks as Earth from Kaguya japanese probe. But it doesn’t match NASA Apollo Earth. We have a complete reshaping of Earth in just some years, probably some curious effect. NASA already said that they change completely the colors of Earth to make it more recognizable, giving more saturation for example. So they did it from the Apollo days. To keep same look. Same with the Moon.

I wonder why they didn’t greyscaled the Moon here: (Cassini photo of Earth and Moon) (use a colorpick to check values)

Another shot that they forgot to greyscalize:

Now, here comes a problem:
What they do if in the photo appears Earth AND the Moon, BUT the Moon is not seen through the atmosphere of Earth.
What is the official response to that situation?
Take a look:

The satellite taking the image has Infrared and also Spinning Enhanced Visible. Seems was spinning too much…

Can someone post a photo of Earth and the Moon.
Because I have ONE.
And I can see the Moon in COLORS!!! And it shows brown, like in posts 25 and 26. But certainly could be some aberration in the camera or such. That is why I ask if it is normal to be in 2013 and I don’t know what the colors of the Moon really are.

The situation with Earth is also desperate as I see it.
Imagine a poor guy that wants to use a realistic Earth to make this:
graphic artist Hana Gartstein offers this composite illustration. In the cropped version of her picture, an Apollo17 image of Earth is surrounded with

The artist could use the Blue Marble CG but obviously it is much better to use a real photo of Earth. So goes and… only finds one photo of Earth and it is from Apollo 17… The rest of images are just computer graphics Earths using textures. The lack of Earths as I see it is because Earth doesn’t look as this Apollo 17 image (and by the way I have noticed they corrected this famous photo as years pass. I have several versions and this image goes more bluish as year pass. Some year it will show exactly as Kaguya and Rosetta see Earth.

I think the saturation is too much in this one. But clearly shows that the Moon is not greyscale. Why then this obcecation on greyscaling the images of the Moon always from NASA/ESA?

A curiosity: In the link you scroll until you see a thumbnail of this image and you can see two links. The one called NASA redirects to a NASA page where this photo would be. But the link is broken. The other link works and it is a local copy by this guy.


Washington University gives us on the logo on the top left of the page the Moon in color.

An older thread but…
As one of the Celestia texture makers
some links for others that find this thread from Google
— some small bodies -asteroids

I noticed a mars and Jupiter image above
So a shameless plug ( yes we all do these)
a bunch of textures
if someone needs a non tiled texture , contact the administrator of the above site

I always have a question in mind about this outer-space thing. If we are in the outer space (like in the movie gravity), can heat be transmitted in outer space? i heard that heat needs oxygen in order to be able to be transmitted. So how does the heat in the sun manage to travel successfully to the other planets (like this earth) so we can feel that “heat”?

Obviously heat gets transmitted somehow (I don’t know how, I’m not a physicist) because, like you said we can feel the heat. Your confusing heat with fire, fire needs oxygen to burn.

BTW, has anyone heard from Bao2 lately. :smiley:

Heat doesn’t get transmitted, energy does. The Sun throws out vast amounts of energy - electromagnetic radiation. Some of that is in the visible part of the spectrum, what we call daylight, but there’s also gamma, UV, and infrared rays as well as radio waves.

Like a microwave oven isn’t itself hot, but when you turn it on it generates electromagnetic radiation that causes molecules in the food to vibrate, creating heat. Like the microwave oven, the Sun’s electromagnetic radiation causes molecules to vibrate, creating heat - in our atmosphere, or in our skin on a bright sunny day.

Dude… your such a liar.

Sun = hot

I = hot on a sunny day, therefore heat is transmitted, you lose.

With heat from the sun does the plants grow.


An old thread BUT…

As someone THAT DOSE WORK with the raw imaging DATA from the USA spacecraft
Cassini - at Saturn
Galileo - at jupiter
MRO and MGS at mars
LRO - The Moon
Messenger - at Mercury

Hubble Space Telescope is great and all
BUT nothing beats having a 1 mega pixel camera in orbit
(yes YOUR phone is higher res )
most of the cameras are 1024x1024 pixels
or scanner type “push broom”

in the last 20 years there have been big improvements over the early


just look at the EAS imaging data from comet P67
– a mesh generated from 3d stereo vision

Yeah look at Google tango,

Cameras are getting crazy.

Ceres and Vesta are the first two in the name of the thread

– Original data from the NASA PDS ftp page

http://0.t.imgbox.com/aOH3y0NL.jpg http://4.t.imgbox.com/aSHILNQm.jpg
hipass of the baked dem ( 0 to 360 mapping)

– original data from the Dawn public data site

converted the 48 ppd dem cub to a 8 ppd raw( 2880x1441) imported into blender and remeshed
zero long and a close up
http://t.imgbox.com/zRGcwJEZ.jpg http://t.imgbox.com/1FnnDroc.jpg
North pole and a close up
http://t.imgbox.com/40XTi5xd.jpg http://t.imgbox.com/1y5HVsO4.jpg
South pole and a close up
http://t.imgbox.com/FndNGpsM.jpg http://t.imgbox.com/h4f8fFXj.jpg