Certain frames completely black

I have an animation of a Phoenix that starts on fire in frame 10 until frame 50. I have a transparency material added to the smoke domains with keyframes set to be invisible (transparent-factor 1) then completely visible (factor 0) on frame 50, then invisible by frame 60 (factor 1). This may have an effect but it was my loop around otherwise as the animation continues the fire is still in the background and drastically appears on frame 10. I also have two smoke domains; however, that did not seem to be a problem in earlier attempts to render. I do not have a light source, the fire is suppose to be the light source along with the background video containing lightning. I only have one camera. Compositing sections seems to be okay. In post-processing I have unchecked sequencer trying to fix this problem myself. This project has many looparounds but I am just looking to be able to see my project in render view.
This file will ask a lot of your computer. Any help would be very appreciated.
Thank you,
File too large to share through this website. I used “File Dropper”

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