Certain notifications will continously appear as new ones

Last 2 notifications I got continously pop up in the counter of unread notifications (shown next to the avatar in the top right corner of the site window). I received them yesterday and have clicked on the button there to mark them as read for 10 or 15 times already as well as going to inbox and reading them (hoping it would help). Sometimes they appear as 1 unread notification even while I’m online (one after another but not both at once), mostly while I’m not.
Once I click one of them to mark it as read another one appears as unread almost immediately.

Could something be done with that? Not that it’s particulalry important but it confuses about what I receive.
(I have cleared cookies and rebooted my browser already)

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I noticed some stuck notification tasks and deleted them, please let me know if they appear again.

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Right, thanks, I will if anything appears again.

I am having the same problem. A notification that @Metin_Seven has replied to a comment in the following thread keeps popping up as a new message.

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This was an elusive one, but I believe I finally made some progress with this and have asked a plugin author to investigate.

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This must be a nightmare. I’m already overly present at Blender Artists. Sorry! :slightly_smiling_face:


I am also getting repeat notifications from Metin. The strange thing is it doesn’t seem to be specific posts where notifications are stuck, but specific people, as I’m getting them from a different thread than Lumpengnom.

That makes sense as the issue seems to be caused by the Follow plugin

Except I’m not following anyone. :slight_smile:


I’m not following anyone as well and I was receiving stuck notifications from 2 different people in one thread (so far that was the first and only time).

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I’ve encountered the issue in the past, until about a month ago or so. But since then it hasn’t returned.

I think a deleted user might be following YOU, so it’s the other way 'round.

I’m manually deleting these stuck tasks once a day now until there’s a solution in place.

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The plugin is not fixed yet, but I managed to manually clean up the problematic data from the database. These returning notifications (which affected < 50 users) should now no longer occur.

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