Certain objects must to ignore light sources

Hi. I made test scene for problem. (Cycles Render)
How I can get light path from one source only for one object (Red ball), or vice versa for all except for one?
Certain objects in scene must to ignore certain light sources.

Im not sure but you select the object that you dont want light to bounce off of and go to the “N” panel and click object, go to the section that says “Ray Visibilty” and uncheck: Glossy, Transmission and shadow

Yes, I find it in Object menu (without “N” button). But if I uncheck “Glossy” in Red ball - patch of light stays like before (Screen 01) .
If I uncheck “Glossy” in light source (Screen 02) - patch of light disappear on all figures.
I download blender file, maybe you can help me with it? Thanks.


Test balls light 01.blend (529 KB)