Certifiably The Funniest Blender version ever.

GLSL! Woot! Real Projection mapping. Physics. Multires mesh
And The finking Grease Pencil!

I have not touched blender in months for any real work. And I just hop right back in to find all sorts of new toys.

Grease Pencil! Instant animations on screen !

And 2.5 should be carrying on the tradition of many new toys per release, Etch-a-Ton stuff, the event recode and revamped interface, possible volumetrics and lightcuts GI, ect…

And then we’ll have the cool stuff Durian’s bringing.

Yes, but what makes this Blender version funny?

I think he meant more like fun rather than funny, though yeah,
I got confused because of the thread title too. :slight_smile:

lol, I could do a version with BA smileys as the icons!
that would be pretty funny.
Scale> :eek:
Rotate> :spin:
Delete> :ba:
hmm, I wonder if I can get animated icons into Blender.
:no: it seems gif files are not supported as the icon set.

Gif anims would be soooo cool! Probably don’t scale to well tho’. What a shame, I’m sure that would have stemmed the GUI flame wars. we would be trampled to death by the stampede of artists from commercial platforms to the “Smiley Enhanced Blender Interface”!