"Certified Trainer" tag is a joke

Seeing that pop up on occasion. Is that based on some donation thing or what? It’s certainly not based on know-how, experience, or knowledge, given the posts I’ve seen it show up in. Or do Blender or BA site devs just hand off this thing to their kid cousin or something, and let 'em have fun and run wild?

Just thought I’d bring that up and see what others thought or maybe find out what the deal is.

Where did you see that tag? Could you provide a screenshot?

It’s an official program by the Blender Foundation - Blender Artists does not have anything to do with this.

If this gets abused on Blender Artists we could restrict its usage and make sure only verified trainers can get them.

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I think it’s simply a ‘self-title’ set under Profile settings in ‘your full name (optional)’ Box

yup, anyone can write whatever one desires :wink:

Typically there’s nothing rude with it, but it’s just that you see a lot of reposts of old stuff (which may be covered better in other threads), or really newbie questions that anyone who has been into Blender for 6 months would already know the answers to. Half the time there’s also broken, but still understandable English too.

It’s a bit like where you’d :roll_eyes: or :man_facepalming:- if it was some official credential thing, as they seem to barely know the software. I thought they’d be something like a staff intern, but wrongly titled by some oversight. (I was looking for similar profile settings earlier, but didn’t see anything obvious to enable for it. It does look like the BF tag though.)

At least now I know it’s not the case, but that could still mislead or confuse people. Still feels like a kind of trolling (but not the worst - stringing people along rather than offending), so I guess I fell for it. Still I doubt I’m the only one.