CES 2018 - Pilot Era 10,000 x 5,000 360 camera - HDRI Solution for Blender Artists?

Hey all

I was just browsing around for decent HDRI’s when I came across this product at CES 2018.

So, could this be a viable solution for taking HDRI’s for Blender?

Stills at 10k x 5k is pretty good “assuming” the images can be exported at 32bit or Video (to have animated sky reflections for example) at 8192 x 4096 @ 30fps and assuming 8 bit with audio.

Opposed to:
DSLR + Tripod + Panoramic Plate + Software + lots of time for just a single HDRI.

It costs $3,000

Opinions? Over priced? Not ideal for HDRI application?

eh, depends heavily on the internal software. if exposure control is smooth and painless, then maybe. If you can export at 32 bit, that would be awesome, but probably unlikely.

If you are shooting enough HDRIs to merit the cost, then it might be worth it. But for my money, I’d rather get a $2000 SLR and all the other equipment necessary to shoot HDRIs. A DSLR is much more flexible than this gadget.