CES: TC Sounds Subwoofers

Render Reality modeled and rendered these subwoofers for TC Sounds. The image and some images of each sub individually are being printed and placed on fliers and posters. I might be able to show some images of the posters or fliers at CES later. Just thought I’d share.

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BTW, I know the texture on the face of the front largest sub is too big. I have already fixed that and am re-rendering. But that was not caught before CES deployment.


modeling looks ok, no comments here but even though you increased the light on your second pic it is still not good enough. Try working on that a bit more, there are a lot of good lightning tutorials, it will give your pic much better effect.
Hmm, and earphones need more work…

Thanks for the feedback. I probably should have mentioned we were on a very tight deadline and the details of the speakers were always changing or not delivered until the last minute.

I agree however about the background. We were trying to achieve something like the background seen here:


We completely failed in that regard but it would be interesting to get an idea how to do that. I was wondering if nodes would have been the way to go but I don’t know anything about nodes.

The headphones were not modeled by us… they are only there to show a relative size of the monster quad 18" driver sub.

I do have a lighting book but I admit, the concepts have never fully worked in my mind. I decided to try a 3 point lighting setup but decided to remove the back light that I think it called a “fill” light. Or is that the term for the 2nd light that is not the main? See, I am a bit out of sorts after working on this till 2-3am for several nights in a row.

Can you be more specific about that should be improved about the lighting? Are there shadows you do not like? Uneven brightness? What went wrong this time around?