Cessna 172 Model

Hello :D!

I just started using Blender and I’m trying to model a moving, flying Cessna 172. This is what I’ve got so far:


I’m trying to create flashing lights on the wingtips as well as the tail (once I figure out how to get that to work), and I’m also going to make the windows as well as the body of the plane reflective and add in a sky for the plane to fly in!

Very nice especially since you just started with blender. Here are some tips even though you didnt really ask for them:
to save an image you dont need to take a screenshot press F3. Make sure you set the file type in the Format tab: http://img494.imageshack.us/img494/589/renderoptions5dy.png
You also need to add the file extension when you save the image.

Heres a great topic for high res sky maps if you havent found it yet.

Its lookin really good im looking forward to seing this evolve.