Cessna Citation

Hello, guys. This is my first post.
Today I will show you an airplane I made based on Cessna Citation models. It was rendered with Blender Cycles 2.68a and I hope you’ll like it. Feedback appreciated.

(Note: I’m still new to Blender.)


if you begin in Blender, you have at least finish a project, that’s a good thing. But there is many points you can improve on your render by opening a topic in the WIP project. For example, your wall texture is not on the same scale. White stripes on the ground are “plain”.
But just take it as constructive opinion :slight_smile:

You are right, I used texture painting for the stripes on the ground, that was the only way I could find for making them. They kinda “ate” the texture on the ground and I didn’t know how to fix that, but I will look forward to make it look better sometime.
The different scaling for each wall texture was made on purpose, because unfortunately it was the texture I most liked, but it’s too small :(, so I scaled them differently, then people wouldn’t notice that the rust on the walls look exactly the same to each other. xD
You know, I still haven’t found a good tutorial on how to make rust in Cycles with only the noise texture, I heard it was possible.

Thank you for the feedback, I appreciate it and I will look forward to improve my skills. :smiley:


good approach, no doubt you will improve your skills ! For texturing, UV unwrapping + 2D software (like PS/Gimp and vector drawing like Illustrator/Inkscape) are -imo - essential. Of course, you can/should use procedural textures and other builtin or native features (like painting or grease pencil) but in many case you just need UVs.

If you like planes, I must give you this link to read the great book of witold : virtual aircraft modelling
It’s not expansive, he did it with passion and you can gain days by reading it ! Only with Open Source software.


Thanks again, @ookka. I installed GIMP days ago and I realized I need some experience on it :smiley: Gonna try better next time.
The book seems to be excellent, I have checked others but they were all about Maya 3D or AutoCAD, finally saw one supporting open-source apps.