CG and Postmodernism

There have been a few images posted on BA recently that claim to offer a view of reality. I don’t always agree with the version of reality, or truth, being offered, but that get’s political real quick. I watched a video on YT earlier that I found to be a very interesting explanation of postmodernism and its place in contemporary culture. I think this is relevant to any art, including CG, and I think is well worth a look for anyone interested in a bigger picture. Link to follow, hope it doesn’t get flagged as Off Topic, this is the Off Topic Subforum after all.

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One aspect is individualism-vs-collectivism.

If you have (more likely if is enforced upon you – and you never know about it in your entire life – no capability to self reflect) a totalitarian mindset with deprivation of freedom and choice it leads to loosing the essence of individuality and becoming part of a “hive mind”.

If you have total individual freedom (to do anything and everything) comes the other side-effect that you can become anyone except from yourself.
As for example if you cut ties with your tradition and ancestry, the result is that you get alienated.

My attitude to this issue is strongly influenced by a therapist I once had who was a very philosophical person. He said that out needs tend to be individual but the means of achieving them tend to be social. So the individual enters into a bargain with the group - I’ll give so much of my time and energy to the group if it helps me get what I want. And there’s no doubt that a group of people can usually achieve goals (take down a fierce predator, for example) that an individual could not.

From this perspective most morality is group propaganda, trying to convince individuals to give all to the group and that self-interest is selfish and, by definition, bad. The hero is the powerful person who sacrifices himself/herself for the good of others. The oposite is the sociopath, who takes everything and gives nothing in return. Easier to get away with in a larger, more impersonal society.

I like the buddhist approach to morality. Karma is basically what goes around comes around, and it’s in your own best interest to look after others.


Great points and with clear explanation. :+1:

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That’s an interesting video. I’ve heard of hyperreality before but didn’t know what it was.