CG Animation Artist Needed For Film Project!

Hello everyone,
My name is Karland Paez, and I represent Downpour Productions. For the past few years we’ve been working hard at our films, sharpening our skills to become talented filmmakers.
That being said, our next film project is well under way, and I am seeking some assistance. The feature-length film is live action, however, I need someone who is experienced at animating and modelling.
The effect I require for my film is a red flare being shot from a flare gun, with some light bending effects. It would be a fairly simple task I assume, however, since our last CG artist had to move on to other things, we’re left with a position to fill. Whoever is interested would definately be considered part of the Downpour team, and would be considered highly valuable for future projects.
Our website is for reference.

Thank you all.

I’m a bit tied up at moment - your project appears interesting though. All the best.

It is ok, the film we are creating is going to be going on for the next few months, which is the time frame to do the effect. In other words, we are VERY flexible. Hopefully this encourages you or others that read this forum.
I suppose I forgot to mention that credits of course WILL be given generously, your name and company name/logo displayed prominently in the opening/ending credits.

in a few months you could learn particles and halo materials and just basic animation and " just do it. " :eyebrowlift:

but if that fails, here is the blend file.

It’s quite easy to set the background as sequencial images, have the comet do a flyby. I’ll be using this process in a project I’m using - I’m willing to have a look at your requirements. It’s important to understand that for now it all I can afford to do. Ofcourse I will insist that you put a link to our website, mayhaps we could do the same.

Maybe i’m just stupid or something, but on and off for the last like year or so i’ve tried so hard to get blender into my system, and it just doesnt want to be there in my mind.

AKA I can’t understand it at all worth beans. Particle effects, lighting techniques, even remideal shape animations are impossible to me. I wish so bad that I could just “do it” since i know that it’s going to be near impossible to find someone who wants to commit for little to no payment.

You aren’t stupid. Blender/3d takes a while to tuned into the average persons system. It took me about six months before I managed to get into the basics myself. The method that worked for me was to get some ready made items, and reverse engineer this. Try to specialise in one area only - like animation (animation is good because there is strong demand for this area). Typically there is a requirement for a portfolio and what better way to do this than do use existing freeware meshes out there!

I recomend you checkout Ian Heubert( a friend of mine who is really good with Blender and has done a number of effects in his own projects. And also don’t limit your effects to Blender After Effects is really great too.

If you need models I have plenty of freeware meshes here :smiley: