CG Band Name ( questionaire / fun )

If you had a band of CG people, what would you call it? Here are a couple of my ideas:
Chromatic Blur
The Slurphs

will i think Chromatic Blur is cool

The Nodes
Slurph Monkey and the Clone Tools

Percolated Pixels
Return to render
Pulling Polies
Vivid vertex
Perfected Quad

Vertex and the Polygons
Pathtraced Chamfers
The Blended Shapers
The Triangular Quads
The Vectorized Normal
Raster and Voxel
Ctrl-Z Hillbillies

And one specifically for Modron.

Yellow Cubes Interested in Lights

Bad Monkey and the Dirty Vertex Colors

The Default Cubes and The Crashes.

Suzanne and the Shape Keys