CG character-Terence-

So far I’m working on a new character(which I named Terence). I want to obtain the more realistic character I’ve never done. %|
So here he is:

I hope you will like him :smiley: .

Nice, great job :smiley: I think his nose is a bit big…And his head is shaped to much like an egg, lol. I don’t think the top of his head should so large…And I think his lower face is to pointy. And his collarbone(SP) dips down to low. The collarbone makes up most of the shoulder. And his ears should be from his eyebrows to the bottom of his nose. The ridges of the nose should be aligned with the corners of his eyes. Great start :wink:

A good start indeed.

Ataryu has pointed out all the things that look a little off. The only thing I disagree about is the nose. Who says it has to be smaller? It is a perfectly normal nose.

Keep going with it.


Thanks Ataryu, I didn’t see the collarbones problem %| . So, As you said, I review the collarbones 'morphology.

Well, according to the anatomy it needs to be smaller. We all are built using the same rules. Unless we are deformed. Are heads width is four of our eyes. The ridges of our nose are aligned with the corners of our eyes. Are ears height is from our eyebrows to the bottom of our nose. The corners of our mouths are aligned with our pupils. Go ahead and test it out. Use your fingers to guide around your face. :wink: Leonardo DaVinci discovered this :smiley:

Great observation Ataryu :slight_smile: And great start on the model. Nose looks fine to me.

Here are updates with colormap:

I was inspired by the artist "The Ripper"work. Here are some Ripper’s works:

However, I used reference pictures of an actor: Guess who!

[>] [>] I’m really sorry, the Ripper’s pictures don’t want to appear. I don’t know what’s the matter :o :o ?!; try to copy/paste the link .

:smiley: I’ve been texturing some hair. I add some spots on his face and on his body to obtain some skin look( for the first time, I show you the torso[it’s because I spend some time on his head]).
[>] I don’t know if you guessed who is the actor I’m based on…

Spider man…
Thats really good. Nice hair too. I like how you changed the skin so it is not so red.

(the spider man thing above is because he looks like the guy who plays spider man in the new movies)

Spiderman? I don’t know who he is? I just know Tobey McGuire and Peter Parker :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: .
Exact, it’s Tobey McGuire, alias Peter Parker. For a moment, I thought that I’m a too bad “blenderguy” :slight_smile: .
Thank you [og]GrYpHoN!

Looks good. Does have a pretty close resemblence to Peter.

This is looking great :wink: Im a Tobey McGuire look alike :slight_smile: I think the collarbone is still to curved. If you feel your collar bone it goes straight across, it doesn’t bend…atleast mine doesn’t. The crease between his…breasts shouldn’t be so defined. But you need to define other muscles around them :wink:

Great work :smiley:

Oh i just noticed something crucial to a mammal that your Character doesnt have.
Nipples (im being complety serious), right now he looks kind of funky without those. But other than that its great.

:smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:
Ok, I smoothed his collarbones and I gived him his precious nipples :smiley: .I also smoothed the junction between his breasts.

The ‘junction’ between his breast is still to defined and his nipples look funny to me. His muscles around his sholders, and his arms need a little work as well.

Here are a few reference photo’s:

By the way…I will say this again…me Cody McEntyre and Tobey Mcguire

Are look alikes :wink:

ROFL… I looked at your last picture wihtout reading the text around it.

Spindle thinks, “That looks familiar… is it… Naw… It looks like Tobey McGuire… anyway, what does he have to say about it…”

Well done! I do agree about the cleft between his pecks, It seems to deep or wide or something… mabey its just the texture, but tahts my only crit atm! keep up the good work.

Hi guys! I’ve been missing for some time. So far I’m trying to create good clothes but I’ve got problems because of Peter/Tobey’ “cloth-design”( I’m sorry for my awful speaking, I don’t know what’s the right word :expressionless: %| ), I don’t remember anything about that( where are you Spiderman :Z ?)
So here are some updates ( I’ve been working on hands, so far it lacks texture but I’m going to work onto):
[>] I tried putting eyelashes and I worked again on the head color-map

Here is where I am so far with modeling. I added some clothes( still without textures). I show you legs and feet( I worked onto before the hands because modeling feet was more difficult than hands :o ).

thats pretty good! one thing, i think the hands are a little bit too thick, and the toes bulge out too much at the tips.