CG Chat With Dorien - Topology? Tenacity? Technowledge?

Hey folks.

About four centuries ago I started a character project that I’m trying to get done and desperately want to - this is the thing that I got into Blender to do. Work and life have intervened.

So, the other night I sat down and finished the hand, finally. This was driving me nuts.

Then I attached it to my basemesh (visible probably in my sketchbook), and realized something: with the amount I learned about bad topology trying to mash that hand into shape and flexibility, I don’t know what in the Christ I was thinking when I retopoed my basemesh torso and limbs. The hand is probably half decent, if not 45% decent.

Now, I say learned bad topology because I can see what I did wrong, but like a college student with a stupid major, I can’t necessarily see exactly how I arrived there or what I can do now to fix it.

Anyway, now I have to start again, and I wanted to know if anyone else has been there recently, and if anyone knew any good YouTub videos that baby newbs through the creation of poles and the rerouting of edgeflow thereby. And any good tuts on character retopology (one that demonstrates good edge-flow - this character is gonna be agile, and I’m going to be doing his clothes separate and masked).

Keep on Blending!

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I kinda beat my head against this one and worked it out. Hopefully I got somewhere this time and it’s not going to dead end on rigging and morphing!

Thanks to anyone who read it, at least.