CG Company stealing emails from Official Gallery

I just found this message in my email:

Mr. Allie,
I saw your work on and I wondered if you would like some captured motion data to drive your characters. We make next generation motion capture data systems and have pre-captured data you can use or have available capture sessions if you want to start from scratch. We want demos for our new technology and will give away data for artists’ projects, if we can use it to display our new technologies benefits to the viewing public.
Let me know if you are interested.
Check us out:

Apparently this PhaseSpace company is harvesting emails from the Blender gallery. They’re obviously not using much discretion, since the picture I have in the gallery has no characters in it…

Has anyone else received these? Any idea what could be done about them?

Well, considering they’re looking for attention … posting links to their site on a highly trafficed site probably isn’t the greatest thing to do to hurt them. :wink:

Considering it seems to be somewhat targeted (it actually is about 3d and not just /!@gr@) and the addresses that are listed in the gallery are obfuscated … it is likely being collected by an actual person as opposed to a bot. Not really anything you can do to fool a person that is trying to collect the address, but not the person who wants to use it legitimately.

I’d say that we really give them the what-for and take their mocap data and use it for our own purposes!

Oh wait… I think that’s what they’re offering. Free mocap data.

Hi there!
I’ve one of those in my mail to ^_~
Well I´ve hasked for more info of wath the ek are they talking about, but I’m not interested at all.
As I understod they want hour characters to make a Demo Real with theyre motion data. Lasy guys perhaps… but hummm!! Still sounds fishy.

Had one of those to - actually two different versions - the one you posted is the
second one I had. The first was more casually written… maybe it was a manually
written e-mail?

I don’t currently need any mocap data though…

Yeah I got it too and then asked for more info. They replied back, several times in response to my questions. So at least it’s not just a bot.

They are offering you free mocap data in exchange for helping them to advertise their service. Explain to me exactly what they are doing wrong? It’s not like they are offering you black market viagra or anything.


Hey, man, you might want to take up that offer. They could give you some nice mo-caps of people walking or whatever. You could use that as refereneces or in your projects.