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Hello Everyone,

To get to the point:

As far as budgeting goes the full price for CG Cookies monthly subscription is not in the cards, however I do like their site and do learn from it. Is anyone a part of a group that gets discounts on the subscription or is there any interest in creating a group?

I thought about adding more to this description and I’m not sure if me asking this is kinda dumb but I’m just throwing it out there. That and no one really likes to read a ton when I can just get to the point earlier!

Thank you!
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It seems to me that maybe you should take this up directly with CG Cookie! Marketers are always looking for better ways to sell their products, and are usually willing to make a deal. The idea of “groups” might be an angle that they haven’t considered. Yet.

Plus: “in business, pricing is always negotiable …”


Hello! I probably should of mentioned that as well! I did contact them and they said about getting together a group or wait until the next sale. I can’t remember where I saw it but I thought the group discount was better than their sales and since I dont know many people who would be interested I went online!