CG Cookie Mascot Update: "The Baker"

My first project as the newest CG Cookie crew member was to update the company’s mascot. It was a fun challenge updating his visual appeal while trying hard to stay true to the essence of the character. Thanks to the helpful input and direction of Tim, Jonathan, and Wes, I’m really happy with the final result!

What do you think??

Workflow: dyntopo > retopo > pose > shade > render (internal). This guy was rendered to be printed on a 2x4 ft canvas for the CGC Open House.

It`s sweet! I love The Baker character.

Amazing work once again :smiley: I especially like the expression and the eye color! The CgCookie Team has upgraded another lvl by adding you to their team :slight_smile: Congrats!

Can you make a tutorial for this PLEASE??? :yes:

Great work. I love it!

David Ward didn’t have any input?

@Nathan.Ferfuson, Cramer: Thanks so much! I’m glad you like it :slight_smile:

@Yeobe1: Well given that David designed the original character, I’d say he had significant input and influence! Though perhaps indirectly…I’m not sure if he was consulted during this upgrade process.

It’s like he grew up :slight_smile:

Great character. I agree with (tadine) would be great if he grew older and older each year, and you re-model him to reflect his age. :slight_smile:

Amazing as always Kent :smiley:

Very cool, theLuthier.

Great character and render! Lighting is superb :slight_smile:

The only thing that bothers me is his facial expression. I can’t really say what’s wrong with it, but it’s almost like he’s having two expressions at the same time. To me he looks uncomfortable and almost a bit disgusted.

I tried playing around with his face in photoshop but i’m not sure managed to improved it :confused:

Really nice, but why no cycles?

In the acting world, that’s called ambivalence and it’s something actors work most of their lives to achieve in character portrayal. It ain’t easy. :slight_smile:

@DarkLimit, Abdullah Al-Dar, rontarrant: Thank you! :slight_smile:

@delight: Thanks for the input! Definitely something to chew on :slight_smile:

@JoHal: Thanks! I love me some Cycles, but I usually default to Blender Internal at first. For this render GI isn’t a necessity, nor is there a lot of reflection, making BI the MUCH faster option. Also, when we decided to add SSS to the ‘skin’ BI further proved to be the right choice. Good question!

@Kent: Good answer :stuck_out_tongue:

it looks really nice, but I me myself prefer the old one better.

Thanks for the comment! We really tried to maintain the essence of the old Baker. It be great to know what’s not working for you. Would you mind elaborating on why you prefer the old one?

Kent this had great appeal initially and it still does. But a couple of questions, I assume you tried a few different eye colours, the blue in this seems a little too perfect a little too friendly. I can see trying to stay away from straight black, it’s just a little too bright for me.
Second, since you stepped up the realism on the eyes, the teeth seem a little too basic. I’m not sure they should be separate anatomically correct teeth, but something with a little more stylized definition.
Also, he seems way more confident than original baker. Timid geeky baker certainly had his charms

Thanks for the input Yeobe1! The eye was actually something we all really liked and didn’t have concerns about once it was implemented…we wanted ‘the pixar eye’. The teeth ‘bar’ made the most sense given the cartoon feel we were trying to achieve. Also the slight attitude shift toward confident (perhaps even a bit mischievous) was preferred by everybody. I thought it better matched the attitude of the cookie logo.

Anyway, those are just our reasons :slight_smile: Again, we certainly appreciate the input!

Don’t say that, or we will all get super crtical of the eyes now. That being said, the “glint” in pixar eyes are not in the pupil, but in the iris or or the border of the iris and pupil. His left eye works, but not the right. Sorry, you were the one that said the P word