CG Cookie Screen Capture Program: What is it?

Hello all! I’ve been in the forum for about two years now and have seen a many great things, one of the things that stands out the most are the timelapse modeling videos that people post here and on CG cookie. Now my question is what are these programs and can I find one for free? Not that I’m (well, no much) stingy, I’ll pay if I (absolutely with no other alternative) have too. I just want to find a free program that allows me to make timelapse videos like these:

So if anyone can help, or point me in the right direction, thanks in advance!

EDIT: Oh, and it has to be for a Mac

Free - For short videos there is the free version of Jing or if you are running OS X 10.6, Quicktime has screen recording built in.
Paid - Screenflow, iShowU HD, Camtasia for Mac.


A free screen capture software, that lets you add both sound and text to your videos

You can find links to the latest development versions and updates, as well as the help forum, on their home page.

Camstudio is windows only, the original poster was asking for a mac alternative.


Oh, uh…yeah
Sorry if my last post wasn’t any help.

Either Dividedspleen23 hadn’t added that bit about it being for a mac until after I replied, or I overlooked that line.

Current versions of Cam Studio open source should be compatible with both windows and mac O.S’s , BUT…Cnet doesn’t seem to think it works on Mac. As far as I know it’s supposed to, that was one of the reasons for the 2.5 release. I don’t know anyone that’s used it on MAc osx, so if you try and it doesn’t work, please post about it here.

If you happened across this post looking for the screen capture software for Mac:
Cam Studio open source 2.5 at Cnet:
This is the version that was meant to be compatible with both mac and windows Operating systems.

Aside from the one on Cnet, I could only find one active link , and its at brothersoft. Since the sourceforge project is only listing version 3.0 beta, and it’s still unstable, I’ll give you that to. brothersoft download for cam studio opensource:

Just in case you have trouble using Cam Studio Open source 2.5
check this post from the cam studio forum
they discuss a lot of options there, though since I’m a windows user I haven’t tried them.

I don’t know much about the website I found it on, but the page below gave some pretty detailed instructions on using the old cam studio 2.0 on mac os and linux, and also mentions audacity, which is pretty good for authoring sound files. The website author seems to think macromedia now owns Cam studio and the free ware version no longer exists, but that isn’t true. Macromedia owns CamStudio, “Cam Studio” is open source, and still very much around. Anyway, here is the link for Irongeeks page though I think just using a mac specific ap like Jing , would probably be easier than this solution. I think I should mention that Jing didn’t get great reviews on the Cnet listing I saw, but there was really no other software of this type listed for Mac that was also freeware. Camtasia looks interesting, but it’s a proprietary software and isn’t free.

I searched several good sites online, and even googled, but aside from Apples quick time I didnt find much by way of screen capture video creation software for Mac. some one suggested VLC player, but I didnt see anything about screen capture on their website. If, as an apple user, you have access to quick time’s video creation and capture tools without purchasing the pro package, that might be one way to go.

I’ll keep looking from time to time, since cross platform apps are nice to have around,
and I might need one for this myself some day. I hope you found something that worked for you. Since I first started searching, I’ve discovered that good, open source screen capture video software options really aren’t that easy to find for any platform . If your reading this, and have a favorite you want to mention, please do.

Sorry about the huge logo in my last post, it didn’t look that big on my desktop.

If you want to make a timelapse, just use Blender 2.5 - it has a screen grabber built in :slight_smile:

If you happen by again sometime, could you post a link for information on using Blender’s screen grabber?