CG gallary no blender work

go here
its a CG gallary but theres no blender work there
the site gives you your own page for 5 of your images with a space for C&C.

They are very critical when it comes to allowing artists, in the past some BlenderHeads have tried submitting their work but to no avail.

Perhaps people should try again now, but be sure to only submit the very best!


YEAH! ONLY THE BEST! Like, robett’s blossom, and endi’s gate, and OTHER STUFF! :smiley:

critical? caughsnobscaugh :stuck_out_tongue:


Ray Caesar’s stuff is absolutly fantastic.

i e-mailed him coz i love his work so much and asked if i could get some prints of it (done by me coz the official ones are $600 Geeze)

and he said “nope” but was pretty damn nice about it (since he would get legal issues if he let me print them)

and said he couldn’t even afford his own work LOL. thats tradgic that an artist cannot afford their own work

hes getting into juxtapose magazine (if you have heard of it you will be impressed)

WOW its great i love his stuff.

i want to save up $600 USD now.

oh i jsut noticed he is the 3d artist of the month. damn well should be coz hes fantastic.


Deviantart is a much better online art community site, it’s the best in fact. You get unlimited space, and a very advanced commenting system.

The only problem is there aren’t many quality 3D artists on there, a lot of the 3D stuff is generic abstract crap, and there are too many young kids on there submitting awful anime drawings etc.

But still check it out if you’re interested.

That was the work that immediately stood out to me as well. Very cool.

I notice they have some links to some old (but still good) Blender tutorials.
Maybe they could be persuaded to add some newer ones.