[CG hardware news] Wacom Cintiq 13HD announced

Maybe interesting for the one or the other.

Wacom announced a full HD 13" cintiq with an IPS panel and a wireless 2048 levels pen for projected 900 Euro for April this year.
I actually think that’s a nice product. Not as expensive and huge as a “regular” cintiq and obviously a high pixel density.
Might even be viable to use with a mobile device on the go… then again, I often prefer pen and paper :smiley:http://cintiq13hd.wacom.com/en

I’ll put it on my list of things I want, don’t get as a present and can not afford in the near future :smiley:

Compatibility MacOs and Windows no Linux :frowning:

The cintiq 12wx goes for around ZAR(South African Rand) 13300 here so I guess this one would go for 15 000+ gotta love import duties. The pen and pressure levels seem to be the same as an Intuos. So I guess you are paying for the convenience of looking at where you are drawing.To those that have a cintiq is that something worth paying for? I have a bamboo and will upgrade to an Intuos for the pressure sensitivity but not looking at what am drawing at the moment isn’t a big deal.

I only tried one of the big ones that sit on the desk on a demo unit in a store several years ago. It was a lot easier to hit my ellipses than on my Intuos but I didn’t find it to be as comfortable to draw with. Might have just been the way it was setup. These newer ones are a lot less bulky than the one I tried too, which is probably a lot better.

A lot of people on various art boards I read have been getting the Yiynova MSP19U which is half the price of a Cintiq. Here is a polycount thread for example.

The new Cintiq is the greatest digital media tool I’ve ever used. I can’t imagine sculpting without it anymore.

Most likely just a matter of time. If it isn’t already working with most distos OOTB wacom support, it’s either not far off, or not mentioned.

They only list Mac and Windows because those are the only OS’s that they ship drivers for. For Linux, they recommend the Linux for Wacom project… and they’ve provided support to that project by encouraging their developers to contribute code to it. I’d be very surprised if this Cintiq doesn’t already work in Linux.

If I’m rich, yes. Its worth it. I guess I’m one of those who must look where I’m drawing. I’ve tried using normal tablet (I’ve bough Genius just for a test) and yeah, I didn’t go anywhere.

I don’t really know. I guess just like some people who 3D glass didn’t work for them, I guess a tablet without monitor didn’t work for me.

It takes some getting used to, but once you do its hard to get back into a normal tablet. The cintiqs can rotate and lay flat to fit whatever angle is needed and with a arm attachment you can pretty much have full control over it.

As for the yiynova, i would never recommend anyone get one…even for “half” the price. I owned one of their first models briefly because I was curious and sent it back not long after. While they changed the digitizers, the screen quality is HORRIBLE. The pen input is very springy (similar to the wacom pen nib with a spring attached to it), and this cannot be changed. This actually made art creation worse not better for me. The pens also apparently have a bad habit of dying and the controls via drivers are very limited. Even before that, you cannot even have wacom drivers installed on your computer. So if you are switching between an intuos and a yiynova, thats a no go.

The yiynova is really just a rebranded monitor, it comes in different brands and names depending on where its being shipped to. So far its a very subpar chinese product.

I would recommend alternatives by Lenovo before that, or even an older cintiq which go for around $300-$400 on ebay. Sadly wacom still owns the market and rightfully so, the competition is horrible and chinese knockoffs are not necessarily the solution.

I think we will see some competition in the coming years from many of the other more reliable names out there, including but not limited to microsoft and viewsonic.