CG Industry and education questions from a student

Forgive me if I am in the wrong section of the forum, I am still kinda new.

So I am a high schooler, and I have been industrioulsy learning Blender for almost a year now, and I have decided that I want to get a job in the CG industry. But the question is: which one? I know I could go into movies or video games, but are there other options? Which is batter in terms of stability and pay? I do not want to be a freelancer, because I want to have a reliable steady income.

I know a lot of new kids are really getting into this, so what is a good education to get to help me stand out to get hired? I have heard of the Art Institutes and Full Sail, but what do you know of?

Also, just out of curiosity if you would like, can you post your best work (in your opinion) and say how long you have been into CG? I am curious how fast the average person gets better. I am saying CG because even if you have had experiance in Maya and Max, you have more overall experiance as an artist but not necissarily in the Blender interface.

So I have been doing this for 9 months, and my slum competition entry is my best work so far.