CG Masters: 25-hour Course 'Complete Environment and Animation Project'

Hey all, we released a new training course over at CG Masters. Here’s an excerpt from the site:

This huge 25-hour training DVD covers from concept to conclusion a complete environment and animation project. In part 1 professional 3D artist Aidy Burrows explores animation and game environment modelling, sculpting and texturing techniques. Part 2 dives into converting from game shaders to cycles shaders, high detail environment creation, VFX and bringing it all together for the final creation.

Almost every corner of Blender is explored, from modelling and sculpting in the 3d view to editing the sequences and sounds in the VSE. Topics such as animation, dynamics, 2D Procedural texturing and layered 3D projection painting, cycles and internal shader setups, UV unwrapping, optimizing, workflows for handling large projects and much more.

Also included is the completed environment asset pack to create your own environments and game levels with.

Whether it’s optimized assets for a game engine or high poly art for film there’s something for everyone in this extensive training course.

See more info on the course here…
Read Terry Wallwork’s review on – “Well worth the money.” – Review Score 95%