CG Nature Series Part 1

Starting a new series on creating realistic CG nature in Blender. Assets are help from Poliigon and Megascans
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You’re #featured! :tada:


Really nice but no tutorial.


Nice work, Nick. :slight_smile:

How is the log to the left and fallen tree to the right created?

Is this rendered with Cycles? Reason I ask is, as a new Blender user I have pretty much stayed away from Cycles as it takes too long to render on my setup and my main focus is abstract animations and I don’t want to wait a week for a ten minute animation to render.

Also, what is the poly count for something like this?

Would you use this for an actual animation or mainly a still image render?

Apologies for the seemingly dumb questions…



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I can definitely make one if it’s wanted :slight_smile:

The log and fallen tree are assets from quixel megascans. I highly recommend them when you are ready because they offer so many assets that help bring scenes together like this one. I’m not quite sure what the poly count ended up being for this scene, but it was probably around 200K to 500K give or take. Thats because I downloaded some high poly assets from megascans.
But yeah, this could be used in an animation for sure but a hefty computer would be recommended lol :slight_smile:
No worries on the questions though, always happy to help out anyone!

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Thanks man!

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Yes, that is a lot of polygons haha!

Thanks for the info… I will have a look into Quixel Megascans :+1:

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veryyy cool work. Congratuations!

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Thanks man!

Woah. This is insane!!

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Thank you!