CG pet peeves

I was bored, so I decided to write down some of the things that annoy me in CG :smiley: (I apologize if there’s already a thread like this; I haven’t checked.)

-When people say “subsurf scattering” instead of “subsurface scattering”
-When people say “fresh-nel” instead of “fresnel” (fre-nell)
-When people say “bezee-air” instead of “bezier” (bezee-ay)
-When people slap way too much dispersion or chromatic aberration on something to make it “realistic” or gritty or whatever it is.

What about all of you? What annoys you in the CG world? (BTW this is supposed to be all in good fun, let’s not be too harsh :smiley: )

When people ask for “photo realistic.” There ain’t no such animal.

When people make a tutorial and MESS UP! That doesn’t help at all.

When people model windows flat against a wall, with just a square. Im guessing they have windows in their house…I doubt they look like that :smiley: (if they do, I forgive you)