CG production hell story

Found this on CGTalk and thought it was too good not to share…:yes: Vomit and Blue Transparency

Nice one! Good thing Blender has faster transparency than that!

Quite a rush in the end…

My friend that worked in the 3D industry in the 90s had one similar experience too. In the end of a project he practically didn’t sleep for a week when there were some problems with the production that were caused by the client. Some time ago when we talked about that particular project I happened to ask that could I see the final animation, he just replied “I erased the project files and burned all of the backups, all of the CDs etc related to that project”. I bet that he also knows that production can be brutal.

I get a feeling that this story also happened in the 90s or something. I would like to see the final animation :slight_smile: