CG Rapper
My new work take 5 day 10H for every one
The original reference to my friend what my extreme :slight_smile: .
Software blender + photoshop
hop lave it , CC welcome

Great work!!! i think it looks great, but the hair is too reflective in my opinion.

I don’t like rap, but I love metal! :slight_smile:

Very nice job, I like especially his face, well shaped living metal.

I can’t understand what those laces pending between his neck and shoulder are.

ِِAmazing job man :slight_smile: , I like his head/face the most…

Great job!

I like the material, but the modelling is well done too. Well, there are some strange the most distracting as a small depression on his left shoulder and strange single sharp edge on his forehead (if there were more of them, or noe it would be better).

But overall, nice image.

hey wheres the platinum chain, or them grillz?
doesn’t look like a rapper to me.
Looks like a new evolution of robo-cop, the metal is suberb.
But i just want to see some more touches. Hair needs work, maybe a fro…:p.
I’ll hold of the voting for now.

Yeah doesnt look like a rapper but he certainly looks cool :slight_smile:

Amazing work! Love the metal texture! Keep it up!

nice art deco style even if that wasnt what you were going for.

nice stuff there :smiley: