CG Short: Le Prince Bleu

Le Prince Bleu

Great 5 min short I came across on 3D Artist.


hahaha I saw this one as well. was posted at cgtalk…quality is f*ck’n awesome! :smiley:

it’s one of the best things I saw in the last few weeks or even months!

It’s really, but really well made. And from what I saw in the credit at the end, some piece of the castle were real piece, with mate painting above them to add detrails and mess. I simply can’t imagine the number of hours of work that it needed to composite everything that nice!

My fav scene is where one of the girl ghost fly near the ceiling of a huge room, and lightning “appear” at the same time by the window lighting up all the room. it’s awesome :slight_smile:


That’s truly excellent. The music fits the piece quite niicely.

The music fits perfectly because it was custom-made dor this short :wink:
Check out the “Making of”. All backgrounds were actual shots taken in a real castle and heavily photoshopped/aftereffected/whatever. Very interesting. See, this is the beuty of 3D - beat that, Hollywood!

In all honesty guys.

What a crap production!!!

It may look grand from a 3d point of view, but whomever directed it should never be allowed to voice a single opinion about anything again.

The script is utter nonsense, and the music… well nice to compose something original, but it just goes on and on and on in the same whiny tone… and why on earth did they suddenly go into english halfway through??? The vocals are quite horrid and especially where the backing vocals really kick in… it’s mixed like a fart. I’m glad my french is dodgy cause from what little I could understand the lyrics sounded well crap also.

This is the prime example of why short anims do not get attention in the media. The people that can make something look really good… are meticulous and precise… and don’t have a creative bone in their body. The fact they can make a pretty picture does not mean they can write a good story.

I may sound harsh, but really… honestly… :::brrr:::

for real?! :-? I liked every second of it! :smiley:

I watched it for the workflow ideas that I could get from it. Other than that it was not an earth shaking production. Then again most cg productions are not too earth shaking. I say as long as cg helps your sell what you need to sell it works.

I would say that if this was your demo reel you wouldn’t have trouble getting a bite from an employer or a client. Although they may say, “that’s impressive but could you do this with a can of soup or a toothpaste container too?”

Have fun!

Blend on.

That is great! Hilarious, but totally true. Everyone who posts a message about “what does it take to get into pro _____” needs to read that line about 100 times.

Meh. Visually it was impressive but i didnt find it very interesting as a whole. I got kinda bored and was glad to see it end.

I think macouno and dante are right about the script being weak. But to me the piece is so visually appealing that it is a joy to watch even if I don’t understand the plot. And the music is great. I love the “whiny tone” :wink: which fits perfectly to the ghosts.

Too bad I can’t watch it using Linux - neither format works.