CG Sign Composite

Hi, here is an animation that I made as a test for an upcoming project. It is a fake sign with a photograph of a house. I have multiple houses that need signs. Any feedback that would help make it look more realistic would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


It’s great. I like the way you shift the focus from the sign to the house.

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Thank you.

I liked the chromatic aberration effect. Besides of all the stunning rest.

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“It looks like a real house, with a real real-estate sign.” The focus-pull between the two is great. Now, howzabout at least twenty-five seconds more? This would be, to my eyes, “about one-half of the opening ‘establishing shot,’” and it looks very good. Keep going.

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Thank you. The secret here is that the sign is fake and the house is a photo. I didn’t put that in the original post because I wanted to get people’s reactions and input on where I could improve before giving that information.