CG Society Star Wars Steam Punk Walker

Hi All,

I’m taking part in the CG Society Hard Core Modelling Challenge “Star Wars Steam Punk”. I’m doing the AT AT from “The Empire Strikes Back” - but, of course, Steam Punked!

Here is the thread at CG Society :

I thought I’d find out what you guys thought.

Here is where I’m up to at the moment.

Hah, that’s awesome. My only crit is that if the front side gear of the leg has that much detail, so should the back (inner facing) side, as well. Other than that, I’m loving this already.

Bad-ass! I love it :slight_smile:

Please keep us updated.

…oh and 5 stars.

Oh and here is a cool reference if you ever decide to do a character model:

Hey this is awesome. Good detail.

I like your lighting set-up. I am still looking for a good lighting set-up to get such nice looking models. Could you explain yours so I might steal I mean borrow without intent to return :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work and can’t wait to see where this goes.

Thanks everyone!

Yeah, the gear is still very WIP. I’ve worked on it a bit since then, I’ll upload some shots in the next day or two.

I’m going to be working on the back deck (nothing there yet) and the legs and I need to do something with the head. That box of boxes that goes up the side looks crap and I’m going to replace it with… something.

Thanks for the shots. I had seen them before but they are very good.

The lighting rig is very simple. I’ve just put 3 large area lights on each side. The ones on the starboard side of the walker are a slight orange color. The ones on the port side are a slight blue color. I render using Blender internal with raytracing and AAO (plain).

I’ve got some Yafaray renders, but they honestly haven’t come out any better so far. When I properly light it and pose it it will probably come into its own.

I’ve started working on the legs. I’ve not got the transmission done yet, so there is nothing holding the legs to the body yet!

this is looking great so far.

Awesome work, I’ve been following it on CG society. You’ve got some impressive competition too.

You can do it, win for us!
Wire frame?

Those side panels are going to be wood right? Because that would be awesome.

Thanks everyone!

I’ve worked on the legs and the underside of the head tonight. This is the most horrendously polly-hungry thing I’ve ever done so it’s taxing my system. All the previous renders were using the AAO. No need to say that with the complexity of this image, it has shown up all the problems that it has. So I’ve had to swap back to AO for the close ups.

SeanJM - the interior of the side panels might be wood, but the exterior is iron plate. If you see the c/u of the machine deck you can see the rivets and plates.

fahassani - Thanks! I’m doing my best, but this is the CGSociety - I’m up against some AMAZING competition. I’ll be happy to be regarded well.

ben - Yeah (see above). Have you seen the Leia sculpt? Also check out the walker done by ‘Nothingness’. Its a complete blast and horrendously detailed.

Oh, and I can’t get a proper set of wires out at the minute as its still churning a render, but heres a quick viewport grab.

thats awwwwwweeeeeeeeesssssssoooooooommmmmmmeeeeeee

Here is my latest version. This is the one that will be entered on the competition.

I’m still going to work on it as I have some other ideas I want to work into it, but its nearly done.

Had a few problems. I can’t get either Yaf(a)ray or LuxRender to render it. Both bomb out on execution. I’ve tried unifieing the mesh and no joy. :no:

Anyway, I’ve loved pushing myself to new horizons. Thanks everyone for all your input. I’ll update this thread when I’ve done some more, probably on the weekend.

Beauty Renders
These are ‘standard’ renders with raytracing, a sunlight, AAO (one of the 20th Century’s greatest inventions IMHO) and a few pale blue area lights for snow reflection. I’m planning to use either Yaf(a)ray or one of the Lightcuts versions to get something more photo-realistic out.


Jaw dropping sweetness!
I love you attention to detail. Best of luck in the comp!

rig it!

Id love to see this thing stomping around shooting some rebel hot air balloons and gliders out of the sky!

Great inspiration here. Very nice.

Jaw dropping sweetness!
I love you attention to detail. Best of luck in the comp!


very impressive!!!

Holy brass knuckles, that looks awsome! Great model, just add in some woodgrain and copper and you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank! Well done!

Wow this is great stuff! Awesome modeling man! Great wires!!

Just looking at that thing makes we want to go and start modeling steampunk everything.