CG talk challenge WIP Update with hair scroll down

I have been working on this for awhile but havent posted anything here. So here is my character she is almost done. I need to do the hair which I have been having trouble doing but I think I have an idea for it that might work. I just finished texturing her over about the past 2 weeks. I also need to add a belt buckle and mabye some more little things like that. So what do you think so far.


Very nice. Whats that circle thing she stands in?

Thanks, that ring is a untextured brick ring around a fountain that she will be standing in. The scene is not done at all this just the character in a WIP scene.


whats up with her right eye (the left one on the pic)?

the floor has a nice texture… but maybe needs some bump
the same fore the small brick wall behind her
and the whole person

u: The right eye did indeed have a problem but that doesnt matter now that the hair covers that eye. I dont want any crits on the scene yet since I havent done any work on it yet just the character.

Here is an update. After a long day of work I finally got hair on.