CG Talk Machineflesh Concepot Sketch

Hi all. My first ever post in the traditional forum! :smiley:

This is my concepot for the CG Talk Machineflesh challenge.


Cool man,…looks like the translucency shader might come in handy.

ya…looks cool…I look forward to seeing the finished project…

Awesome! Is there a background story to this picture? Looks really interesting! Good luck!


Thanks guys.

block01cube: Well, as for a background story, I am going with a futuristic prison cell thing. Hands and feet will be removed from the prisoners and then bone clamps will be attached to the exposed bones and skin clamps will also be attached for extra grip. The prisoner will be suspended by these clamps and forced to stay that way until they die. No getting out early for any crime in the future.

Also, head gear will be surgically attached to the skull and wires attached to the brain to control thoughts and body functions.



Great! wanna see more, I’m in lack of inspiration for the machinflesh contest!