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Finally friday, some montages for inspiration. And … impression? impressive. Anywho, here are some kickass stuf I´ve been watching over at vimeo.

Oblivion Graphics

More Oblivion montage, C4D.

And a sublime (Epelepsi warning) making of from Sehsucht. XSI.

Very impressive breakdown of animation for Witcher 3

That final renderer, nice! I was equally impressed with the mo-cap dudes swordfighting in the beginning.

Those were great, thanks!

why we cant make this quality at home with friends in a weekend?
with maya or 3ds max it is possible…

“Rock out with your frog out” <<<< excellent :stuck_out_tongue: (third vid)

Yeah I liked the frog too, disclaimer at the end made me chuckle.

Tron GFX, GMUNK & Team for Disney Pixar. Incredible.

Great stuff aermartin. Just the kind of high bar animation/composition we should be aiming for, thanks :slight_smile:

Good stuff. That Oblivion desk console was one of the stars of the movie IMO. I want one of those.

Couldn’t help posting this here in case you missed it. Hope you don’t mind. Inspired my head off. Modo and AE.