CG with Real Photo

The original post got messed up here are the links to the cloth test with the photo.

Original Test -

Updated Test -

Sorry for the confusion.

M. Lightning

Looks great
maybe increase the quality of the cloth simulation

Wow, awesome!

Was the chair a model or part of the still photo? This intrigues me how you went about the process of compositing it in AE. Any additional details you can offer would be appreciated.

I quote this, so far looks more like leather than fabric, try tweaking parameters.
My 2c

Thanks Isscpp. I agree. I have a new one in the works.

Interesting test there. For better integration, you might wanna adjust your lighting to match it with the photograph so that the part of the cloth beneath the chair doesn’t get a specular highlight. Atleast not that bright since its in shadow region. And also try matching the intensity of shadow cast by the cloth on the chair. These two should help in giving a much more convincing look.
Just my two cents…

Second simulation looks very good. My wife (not 3D freak) said: “So what? Somebody filmed dropping some old rug on a chair? Big deal!”
So… to the layperson it looks real enough. Good job!

THank you ristesekuloski. That a was what I was aiming for.

New one looks great :slight_smile:
very realistic

Whilst the new one is better, i think that it would look more realistic if the cloth had some thickness.

wohw, awesome dude :smiley: