i did a search on google for a icon creating software but unfortunately their weren’t any free ones and those that were had special marking for copyright purposes…

i need an icon for a game of mine (non-commercial) and i was wondering if anyone could make one for me with their copy of software. You’de have credits in the game. I need several so if you could contact me throught email that would be great…PM’ing is fine too!

I will need one for the main .exe and it will be a robot (i’ll provide all images) and the others will be for our Studio, Design Division, and Maps and other files that are used with the game…a total of around 5.

If you can help out in any way please contact me.


RFXS Admin

Why wouldn’t you use The Gimp or Sodipodi (and possibly Blender) to create pics for your icons then reduce the color palette to 16, 64 or any number needed, and then resize the pic to a proper dimension for an icon? AFAIK, most “modern” icons are made using paint programs and/or 2D vector softwares (e.g. icons for Mandrake distro, Gnome icon set, etc.), not Icon Editors which truly restrain creativity…

All you need for an icon is (optionally) a transparent background, a limited numer of colors (let say 16 is a good number for basic purposes) and a custmized size (24x24 px?).

And patience to do them, of course…

yes i understand all that…i can create the icons i need someone to convert them to .ico files!

so could you do them?

sorry it took awhile to get back on this…pc has been down!

You didn’t mention what operating system you’re running, but since you mention the game ‘exe’ … I’ll assume some flavor of windows.

Do a google search for LiquidIcon (it’s the first and second result … right now)

(I’m not posting a link, because they do a dynamic listing of their product catalog, and don’t want the link to break if they change their product lineup)

Freeware, no restrictions on the icons you create.

It lets you create multiple resolutions and color depths within the same icon file. I used it for a desktop component for a piece of software at a place I used to work.

Irfanview can convert most image types to an .ICO filetype …

Thanks Agent 86.5! LiquidIcon looks like it will do the app - while i’m downloading can it convert an image to ico?

DFL - thanks for that app too! if LiquidIcon can’t convert images to ico i’ll use that too!

thanks! :wink: