CGAI V.1.1.1 Beta Test

Cyber Generated Artificial Intelligence

V.1.1.1 Beta Press Release

Cyber Generated Artificial Intelligence is a Blender Powered 3D robotic game by Real Effects Studios and developed by the Inspired 3D Designs Design Team. It was originally thought up at Elysiun. For a more coherent understanding of the desing and purpose of this game it will be summarized in the following:

The Idea was developed from an animation test of a futuristic robotic bug. RFXS Admin Prince having worked with robotics in the real world proposed the idea of making a game based on robot’s perspectives. This idea needed a purpose and we came up with the a “highly realistic virtual environment to promote the Blender game engine.” The game design was thus started and we designed the game to do just what we purposed and is now in a Beta test form (further down).

The Name was derived from several names and associations with robotics and how this game was being developed. The first part, Cyber Generated, was derived from CG which stand for Computer Generated and since Blender was a CG software we used that name. Computer Generated didn’t work in the end and we changed it to Cyber Generated as the game was Computer Generated on the web or “cyber space”. The second part of the name, Artificial Intelligence, has been used for decades to describe robotics and their “electronic intelligence” and learning abilities. This just fell into place and thus the name Cyber Gererated Artificial Intelligence was born.

The Robot was quickly born from a reference image of a real life robot (Spider by Mark Tilden). The design team saw the potential for developement of this amazing real world robot and decided to develop it as the player of CGAI. Thus SpyderBot was born.

The Environment is, as already stated, designed to be as highly realistic as possible with great care taken to develop large resolution image maps and bump mapping to add extra realism. This feat was not easly accomplished as the Prince had not fully developed the skills required to design and create such things. However withing the past several months the design team has added small features here and there until now we have the first menu, map, and robot in a Beta test bed.

Recent Developments have spawned teh release of CGAI in an early Beta Test form which will be described in the following:

The design team has created CGAI V.1.1.1 Beta which is a fancy name to say, “It isn’t much but it is working!”

Version Number

The current version number is V.1.1.1.B which stand for:

V. = Version

  1. = Menu Version
  2. = SpyderBot Version
  3. = Interactive Version
    B = Beta Test Version (no audio and limited editables)

Current Menu Features - V.1.x.x

ADD Overlay Menus

Minimal Animations

Volume Presets (Beta version has no audio)

Future Menu Features

ALPHA Overlay Menus

Cutscene Introductions

Cutscene Credits

Animated Popup Menus

Mouse Over Menu Select

Proportional Volume Set

Audio Mute

Thumnail Map Loading

Current Robot Features - V.x.1.x

Mouse Look FPS (“SpyderCam”)

WASD Key Movement


Future Robot Features

Infra-Red Lens

Animated Motion

Multiple 3rd Person Camera

Camera Select Menus

Jump Motion

Color Select

Online Multiplayer Interaction

Online Text Messaging Chat

Current Map Features - V.x.x.1

Each map will have a different version number depending on its release. Version 1 maps have these features:

Collision Detection

Restart Triggering (when doing a non realistic function)

Audio Music (Beta versions don’t support this feature)

Future Interactive Features

These features mayor may not be implemented into old maps when this new feature is released but maps released at the time of these features will implement them:

Sound FX (Beta versions may not have these features)

Interactive Objects

Online Multiplayer Support


As you can see there are alot of features to be implemented and tons of maps to be made so we are in need of testers (those who can’t script, model, texturize, or doing anything of a development sort), scripters (those who can setup scene switching and in game script link coordination), texturizers (those whith GIMP, Photoshop, or any other good image editing program to develop textures and apply them in game), modellers (those who can make low-poly models with interactive functionallity - anyone who can use the Add menu!), and we need Developers (those who can help with getting internet protocols and advanced features such as installers and uploaders developed).

If you can help out in any way please join the forum if you haven’t already and then contact the I3D Team to get more information on how to develop this game and start hacking maps and creating new ones.

Please download the following file to get started as it includes the CGAI Map Loader and the first beta test map (the two other maps listed haven’t been developed yet but they are next in the list to be developed).

If you have any ideas for maps please let us know and we will add them to the list of ideas.

CGAI V.1.1.1 Beta Download (zip - 5.6mb)

Here are some screenshots of what we have so far (some of these are old):


If you have any difficulties with the files then please post those concerns in the Q/A thread (or Forum Support).

This thread is now the official design and development thread so please continue “SERIOUS” developement here.

RFXS Admin

This was originally posted at Real Effects Studios at the forum there and was originally started here at…but for better or worse this is the original post.

this is the finished version of the work in progress that the CGAI design team have done… i hope you’ll join and help out and give some good advice and work on this game!

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RFXS Admin

has anyone even downloaded this thing? i know it is big but i think it is pretty much worth it! i could use some feedback and always help! any comments or crits?


i tried it.
one can walk around, in a very limited space… that’s all…
hard to say really anything since it’s in such a early stages.


were there any bugs that you found? i know of one on collision detection…though i can’t figure out why seeing as there are no objects in the way!

how are the textures? i created many of them from scratch and used bump mapping to simulate it in the game.

did you figure out how to get back up to the top of the picnic table?

did all the controls work? pressing C while in game will bring up the menu.

just tell me everything you liked and didn’t like - a beta test reply! :wink:

What were your system specs (processor/ram/graphics) and what were your FPS (open the blends in the BLENDS file and just press P once open…the FPS will be displayed)


You say limited but what do you mean? This is a pretty big map…just because it doesn’t have alot in it doesn’t mean it is a confined space! you can get off the table top and walk acrosse the benches and supports not to mention fall off the table! crawl in the soda can, climb the abc blocks, and with SPace Bar you can go anywhere! just provide a little more info please! :wink:

thanks for taking the time to download it!


EDIT1: Holy hell, the game crashes EVERY time I try to run it! It worked only once.

EDIT2: Oh, I thought there was something else that was a bot, but I see now that YOU are the bot. :-Þ

textures were quite simple… so definetely more work on those needed.
it didn’t crash, and controls worked.
what was a bit strange was the gravity. falling didn’t feel like falling. it was slow and floaty.
to get back up… hmm, didn’t try but my guess is those wood planks would be the way to go.


I played it and found one problem especially with the wooden plank leading to the coke can. When you try to move up the plank you get stuck at the top (or you can’t get past it). Also when you walk onto the plank from the block, you are sent flying, instead of going down the plank.

A lot of objects also seem to be out of proportion, such as the coke can, which is huge. The table cloth is too bright as well.

Would we be able to drive the robot in 3rd person in the future? I think that would make it a bit more interesting.

Anyway, this project looks like it has potential, but at the moment it needs some more interaction and objects that are the right size.

Keep it up. :wink:

thanks for all the feedback…

i was at my Aunts house over the holidays and the crash prob was happening on that pc too…maybe graphic card memory or something…if you open the files up though and run them from there they work fine! some weird quirk…for the most part though it works on all pc’s (windows) - i’ll look into that problem for you…

actually the way to get back up is to die! if you jump off the table you will probably land on the bench and if you jump off this you die in mid air as this is an unrealistic fall and would probably damage the bot so you “die”.

about the plane thing rowan - that is the collision detection prob i can’t figure out! there isn’t a plane there in the blend and it does the same thing when, like you said, when you walk out on to it.

I’ll be fixing the gravity. Was the speed alright?

I can tone down the table cloth, but the other textures are suppose to be sort of basic although if you look closely they all have bump mapping on them - the outer walls of the courtyard are sort of basic and i will try to get a better texture map for them sometime.

Everything is out of proportion only if you think you are a person but to a bot it is all the right size! and yes you ARE the bot!

several third person cameras will be added in the future - as is it is a beta test…also the objects will have interaction (sound and movements) … a butterfly is going to be sitting on the ledge at the base and you can go and take a ride on it to get back to the top without "dieing’.

if any of you can give some game help to this feel free to hack the files and then send the changes back to me and i’ll add them to the quickly growing list of changes already happening!

thanks for all the feedback - and more is always nice! look for the next release soon! :wink: