CGChallenge entry completed

Hi guys!

I just finished this and felt like posting it here as well… even though it’s not made with Blender, it’s still the work of an old blenderhead!

Blend on, and blend well!

NICE, wut was it done in? can we see a wire?

wicked! that is very awesome. i love his chest, very nicley done

awesome man!

I love it! Good luck on the challenge!

btw, how the hell you do? learning cinema4D that fast! lol that’s awesome!

Thanks guys! I have a wire here - it’s from the previous version, so you’ll find that the rope and straps are missing in this one, that aside it’s a matching wire.

And, well, it’s been really easy to learn C4D. It’s not like XSI or Maya which can be quite confusing to play with… Much smoother than that!

That is really cool, except its kinda creppy, might wanna keep a caution rating on it :wink:

It’s sad.
But nice.


Nice work James, as I already told you on you challenge thread. :wink:


great work! I thought it was a drawing for a moment there - great work.

Aha! A sneak C4D-user! And, no, stochastic radiosity actually.



Scary :o


Coolio Iglesius! The wall texture is really something.

well, good anyway. I really like that pic, tho a bit more dramatic light would be cooler… And no, i dont use c4d :open_mouth: I just often talk to ppl who use it :wink:

That’s sick dude! :wink:

That’s sick dude!

Obviously unaware of James’ proclivity for deformities.


Spot on there, Fligh! Umm… yeah, I have deformities for breakfast, darn it… Eh, what a concept. %|