posted a link to, saying that it was up with limited functionality…I wonder if thats a smart thing to do. for all we know blender3d will quit soon…

I wonder why you posted this in the I made this section :slight_smile:

/me was filling gasoline in the flamethrower to flame out Goofster
:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


If you check the link from CG Channel, it takes to to, but nothign has changed at the site. Still the same functionality it had when it went down :frowning:

I wonder why they would even bother?


I received an email from Ton less than a week ago which leads me to believe that Blender is by no means dead. We just may have to wait a few weeks to hear more. I am optimistic.

Ah damn, I really hate that waiting! :x

DOH! sorry about that Kibbie. Long nights must be getting to me :smiley: